Top courier companies in the United States| USPS tracking featured It is said that “A Friend in need is a friend Indeed”. In the same manner, Courier services are our most trusted friends when it comes to shipping products, buying online products and get them delivered at our doorstep. Today in this post we are going to show you world’s Top 10 courier companies you can trust. USPS: United Nations Postal Service | USPS tracking package This is the number one courier service in the United States and it is one of the most reliable services in terms of price, faster delivery etc. It was founded in 1971, today it is providing its services in more than 190 countries with 600000 manpower. You can also track your orders online via an online portal. With every shipping you are given a 16 digit shipment number, this number is used for online tracking. On the other hand, you can login on USPS website with email & mobile number then you don’t need to remember shipment number. FedEx This is no. 2nd…